Quick Facts

Other Titles:
"Queen of Air and Darkness"
"Lover of White Flesh"
"Sister of Essus"

Rank: Queen
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Race: Unseelie sidhe

Cel (son)
Essus (brother)
Meredith (niece)

Significant Others:

Current Residence: Faerie/Illinois
First Appearance: A Kiss of Shadows

Hand of Air
Hand of Darkness

Mortal Dread (sword)


The queen rose from the far side of him, emerging slowly from the nest of covers and a spill of black fur that was only a little blacker than the hair that swept back from her pale face. She'd pulled the hair atop her head until it seemed to form a black crown, except for three long curls trailing down her back. The bodice of the dress looked very much like a black vinyl merry widow with two thin lines of sheer black cloth that graced her white shoulders more than covered them. The skirt was full and thick, spilling behind her in a short train; it looked like shiny leather but moved like cloth. Her arms were encased in leather gloves that went the entire length of her arm. Her lips were red, her eye makeup dark and perfect. Her eyes were three different shades of grey, from charcoal, to storm cloud, to a pale winter's sky. The last colour was a grey so pale that it looked white. Set in the dark makeup, her eyes were extraordinary. KoS pg 354

Andais is a sexual sadist with a love of drawing blood and severe torture. For hundreds of years since taking a consort, she condemned her Ravens to celibacy before lifting the geas for Meredith. Andais is infertile and has promised to abdicate the throne to the first of her heirs to produce a child. Andais is considered to be insane and is not respected so much as greatly feared. Despite her own instability she may be the more sane of the Royals as, unlike Taranis, she does have interest in the well-being of her court. Andais can hear anything said in the dark and can draw the air out of a room.

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