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Things To Do
bullitproofskinbullitproofskin 08 Mar 2009 13:13
in discussion General / Entries » Things To Do

Pretty much everything in the Characters section needs doing that isn't Merry. Thinking about making a page devoted to Minor Characters but can't decide on exactly who might need to be there— do we really need a whole page on King Owain when we barely know anything about him? If that happens, we really need to decide soon who's on it before too many links have to be changed!

Also, I'm quite sure I haven't got all those in Merry's Guard in the proper place. The information was fairly out of date. Anyone who sees someone out of place, please move them.

Meanwhile… there's probably a few things on Magics that could use their own page. If you feel you have enough information to merit it, feel free to create a new page. Just move the existing info there and turn the Magics listing into a link?

As for learning to wiki, I really suggest just diving in and practicing along with the Wiki Syntax cheatsheet. It's actually not nearly as hard as you'd think, and mistakes in the code aren't going to seriously mess anything up— certainly worth getting the information on the page and worrying about the little links later. I can always come up behind and add them in.

Did Meredith's page already as well, she's the main character, I had the info readily available, and it's a good example for the layout I was tinkering with. If you create any of the other character pages, here's a copy of the little side-box bio I made:

[[div style="float:right; width: 15em; padding: 0 1em; margin: 1em 0 1em 1em; border-left: solid #888888 1px; background-color: #FFFFFF;"]]
++ Quick Facts
(All their applicable names in a row.  Most of them seem to have multiple names or titles.)

**Rank:** (King, Queen, Queen's Ravens, Exile, ect.)
**Age:** (If you can find the number or an estimation.  Good thing this isn't for Anita or we'd need like fifteen entries for JC, huh?)
**Status:** (Alive, Dead, Imprisoned, Missing, ect.)
**Gender:** (generally gonna be Male or Female)
**Race:** (Unseelie sidhe, Human, Brownie, ect)

(List of characters here to link to, mostly)

**Origin:** (Where were they born/created?)
**Current Residence:** (Removed for those deceased.)
**First Appearance:** (What book.)

(Any natural abilities or objects posessed.)

(Their usuals, be it sword, specific gun, ect.  If it's a magical weapon, stick it in weapons for the sake of not double-listing?)

Also, for any quote you include, if you have it on hand, please give the book and page number. If you stumble on a quote in the books and recognize it as something unmarked on the wiki, feel free to add it of course.

Things To Do by bullitproofskinbullitproofskin, 08 Mar 2009 13:13
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